Wednesday, August 6, 2008


For the basic intro for what this blog is about, I might as well link to It's a (Japanese) Sign since that is the model I'm using for this blog for the general layout of posts.

The only difference is that, rather than signs you might see around Japan, I'll be looking more at 'small print' instead. The little warnings you might see in electrontics instruction manuals. The inserts you find in books and CDs. Information on food lables. The little warnings at the back of electronic devices. Littles things you see everyday but might not pay much attention to usually.

However, not living in Japan I don't have ready access to a lot of the everyday necessities that it would be useful knowing how to read. So if anyone in Japan has any pictures of stuff that you think would be useful, then just leave a comment with the images and I'll try to post it up. And if you notice a mistake I've made or suggestions for improvement/corrections, feel free to leave a comment to let me know.

P.S.: The URL for this blog is from a common word you'll see in the kind of things this blog will focus on:


It's definitely a word you won't have to look far to find. Sometimes written without the ご, which just makes it more polite.

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phauna said...

Great idea. I'll see if I can russle up some pics from around my apartment.